The 1st adoption day in 2020 ended with great success yesterday!

Over 25 volunteers, 34 dogs and 9 cats were present yesterday even though the weather was not preferable for some of them.

Many people who passed by our adoption site were interested in adopting the dogs and cats. 

Our volunteers and rescuers chatted with them to ensure that they can become pet parents. 

As a result, we had successfully helped four dogs and one cat to find a lovely home🐶🐱🏠

 Long awaited Adoption day finally happened. It is truly a bliss to have such a sunny weather today. Perhaps too sunny, the temperature was consequently rather high, which unfortunately will affect the little animals’ well-being, however, this is easily solved by the initiatives of the helpful volunteers. Throughout the day, we’ve refilled countless water bowls for the puppies and kittens to drink. Also the rescuers did everything they could to help keep the pets cool, for instance buying ice creams for them. It is precisely these kind of efforts and actions that makes this event so worthwhile and fulfilling. The commitment that is involved behind every adoption day, the collaboration within the volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly, the caring heart of each and everyone present at the event, all of these combines and demonstrates what Bark4Life adoption day is about. It was a honor to be a volunteer and I will be more than happy to help out in the next event in the near future.


 Since it is my first time organizing an event like this, to be honest, I was a bit scared that I would mess up the whole thing. Luckily, it turned out to be quite successful with all the warmhearted volunteers sacrificing their time to help and all the rescuers cooperating. We ended up finding a home for 4 dogs and 1 cat ! I am grateful to all the volunteers for taking care of the pets in such a muggy and hot afternoon, for this event would not be this successful without them.


 Today’s adoption day was a new experience for me as a lot of the seniors in our school (graduates) was in charge of this event. Now that they are gone, it means that it is our turn to take on their leadership roles. It was honestly very satisfying to see people adopt and foster these animals in need of help because deep down we know our hard work paid off!!


A big thank you to BarkForLife for giving us individual rescuers a great chance to get our rescues adopted. BarkForLife is such a great platform for animals 🐾 💕 


Check our official account to get more info about our next event🐈🐕


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